Here's a crude map of the continent the story takes place on.
Just as an interest, I've tagged the comic pages with the area they take place in.  So if you're curious about an area, you can use the search function to see it in action!

The places of note are:
  1. The Great North
    • Norgannon, where O'Ban grew up
    • Hockingport, the only major shipping hub in the area
  2. The Colossal Forest
    • The trees here are massive to accommodate the human-sized Ravenkin.  Large portions of the forest have burned down.
    • As a toddler Isaac was found wandering the edge of the Gangling Swamps
  3. The Hannon Woods
    • Strong wood-elf presence here.  This is where Ghostfoot was raised by her mother.
    • Marching Green, where the comic begins
  4. Interlock
    • The largest city, spanning many miles.  Huge center for trade and education.
  5. Sheetridge Cliffs
    • Giants are known to live in the area

I will add more details as needed when the story progresses, but it's a general idea!
Of course there are many other cities and areas than what's shown - these are just the ones I know will be in the story for now.  I may add others later.
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