For Father's Day of course I had to draw O'Ban with his dad.

O'Ban comes from a family of necromancers.  They live in the far mountainous North.
O'Ban's father's name is Rourke and O'Ban idolizes him, wants to grow up to be a necromancer too.

Rourke met his tragic death one day when a group of "heroes" raided their home and murdered him and all of his assistants.  O'Ban was still the equivalent of a teenager.  Hidden, he watched everything.  To this day he's ashamed of himself for hiding instead of trying to come to his father's rescue... But what could he do, he couldn't have stopped them and would only have been slaughtered as well.  Still, you try reasoning with a teenage dragon.

As far as the necromancy goes, it sounds awful and most outsiders believe it's evil magic.  But O'Ban, he believes it's a wonderful magic.  The dead take care of the hard work.  The dead handle the cleaning and the farms, fishing, plowing, loading or unloading of ships for trade.  In the past they were soldiers fighting in battles, sparing the lives of the community's young men.  They free up those living to enjoy life and provide relief from hard work to elders.  They're basically slaves but they have no brains to care about it at all.  Even the cold doesn't bother them, and the village of Norgannon had a strong and thriving economy thanks to the necromancer.  Why does O'Ban want to learn necromancy?  To save his village in his father's absence.

Rourke is a red dragon, so O'Ban got his green coloring from his mother.  Also, they have wings.  They are tiny and non-functional and adults mostly just find them inconvenient and cover them with clothing.  They don't grow much after birth so the size of O'Ban's is pretty much the size they will remain as an adult (if you want to get technical, adult size is probably about the size of O'Ban himself in this pic).
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