8th Jun 2021, 4:48 PM in Issue 1: The Goblin Lair
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maice 8th Jun 2021, 4:48 PM edit delete
Sorry guys, when I said I was back from hiatus I definitely meant to upload more than 2 pages. I didn't mean to disappear again for a few weeks but there's been a lot of distraction around here with the last days of school. Someone's mom died at work so I had to pick up extra hours. Just... stuff. Anyway, sorry.

So funny story. Or not. I had my drawing program open, working on this, for a few days straight. I tend to not shut off the computer, or even exit out of things. So on day 4 or so, when my drawing program was laggy and running poorly, I decided to restart it. I also decided to merge some layers and get rid of some of my "hidden" layers I didn't need (like under-sketches/outlines) to make it run smoother. So I merged, deleted, saved, exited. Guess what I did guys! I deleted my lineart layer on accident and didn't notice! And saved! And exited the program!

So. That also put a damper on things.

It's a sloppy page, I was impatient throughout by the time I got serious with it. But, it is finished. Ta da. Oh, also, Ghostfoot's supposed to be squinting one eye in panel 3 (like cartoons do when they're eyeballing something) but I suck, lol.