Adventure Club
20th Mar 2023, 5:32 PM in The Great Hawkes Valley
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Author Notes:
Get this guy another eye patch

anyway remember back on page 75 when I was like, "this is really green!"
That was funny

Despite the fun O’Ban is having I’m sad poor Ghostfoot has a bloody nose. She is brave and I salute her
From the relaxed, satisfied look of O'ban in that last panel, he's been holding that in for quite some time.
Better out than in, that's what I say.
I don’t think these three new characters will be joining the party.
These folks are not having the best day, and just wait till the fun question and answer time afterward.
i'm hungry for barbecue now
I laughed at the last panel.
I have been awaiting this page for so long, lol. I can't separate it from the thumbnails that kyo did for it. This is such a great page. God, poor Ghostfoot though! She looks so battered and beaten up from that fall.

Oh wow, poor bandit dude with the eyepatch getting an arrow in his one seeing eye! Damn, man, that's gotta really suck. But obviously my favorite part is O'Ban and that expression as he just roasts a dude. Love it.
oh, you saw the thumbnails, jm! It's really fun seeing an actually well made version of my scribbles. although that bloodied ghostfoot in the first panel was all maice and it still cracks me up. teamwork!
Love the casual roasting. We're all chill here, did you think the ambush would rattle us?