In order of appearance:



Very close with her mother, who raised her in seclusion and safety - until she died of some illness. Naive little Ghostfoot misses her desperately and now has to fend for herself.  Ghost is very sweet and kind, thoughtful and tries to be fair.

Race/Class:  Half-elf Druid

Age:  19


Lost as an infant, and raised by a flock of Ravenkin, Isaac is quiet and reserved. The Ravenkin land has burned to the ground, and the family took to the sky to find a new place to live. Isaac, who can't fly, was left behind. That hurt.  Even so, he's searching to reunite with them.

Race/Class:  Human Ranger

Age:  31


Grew up in the cold northern mountains. O'Ban's family has dabbled in dark things. His father was a necromancer and a cultist, until he was raided and killed by a group of heroes. O'Ban wants to be just like him, but first, to learn the craft, he must locate his father's old mentor.  O'Ban is an eager companion, usually the first to react and take charge.  But he's also kind of silly.

Race/Class:  Dragonkin Wizard

Age:  25


An imp, summoned by O'Ban to be his familiar.  Reluctant to be here, but they have a contract.  Abilities include invisibility, fire magic, and seeing in the dark.  Treated as a servant!  The disrespect!

One thing of note, which may or may not be noticeable, is Omri's tail always points at his master.

Omri does not have an age or a gender.  You may use whatever pronouns you like and they will not be bothered either way.  I use "they" because I don't want to imply a gender (as the creator) but anything works!