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Neptune's Spittoon
29th May 2023, 5:13 PM in The Great Hawkes Valley
Neptune's Spittoon
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Oooooo, magic spittoon! Or rather, ewwwww. Hopefully that's just water and not like everyone's collective spit just splashing out onto O'Ban.

Besides soaking O'Ban, what are you going to do about it Hawkes? You got your ass handed to you. This is now their wagon.

And wow, Isaac looking fine in that coat, ain't he? I love it.
oh yeah, that's just water, what do you think we are jm, heathens?

It is a nice coat. Isaac could make a paper bag look good though. I mean, assuming I draw him correctly (sometimes I dont)
O'Ban might have deserved that a little. By the way, where is his demonette?
oh Omri's around sniffing in corners, exploring the new place, doing cat-like things
The tying that kid up in his own net shirt and letting everyone take a whack at him like a bratty little piƱata is still my vote
haha why are you picking on our innocent child, look at him he is perfect
come back in 1 year
That must be the travel version of a spittoon...though why you'd want to keep your spit? I'm guessing it's a magic item named after Neptune, God of the Sea?
that's correct, it's just a silly name for it!