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15th May 2023, 5:22 PM in The Great Hawkes Valley
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Aww, what a cute yak/bison type animal! :)

Maybe you should check for signs of life there, buddy boy?
thank you! I like bison, they're pretty cool
What would a kid do with that kind of money anyway
Buy more Minecraft blocks!
Suddenly he's a kid all alone in the world.
I kind'a feel sorry for the little twerp!
Poor little murderous child
Hopefully it’s just a little head injury from being pelted with a rock and not..y’know, permadeath
haha well, I got pelted with a rock one time and I didn't die
I took it right in the kisser

It was on the playground as a kid
and people were going on the slide and the kid at the top was making everyone pay with rocks
Then he just tossed them back to the ground
And I just happened to walk under it and look up at the right time
I'm surprised I still have a face

Anyway I'm alive
Well this didn't go as planned.
Yeah, hoping the woman just passed out and isn't like dead. What a terrible last bit of life that would be: being kidnapped and just as you're about to escape you get killed by a flying rock.

I like that little scene of Ghostfoot looking back and then thinking it's probably for the best to just move on. Now she gets to love and pet the fluffy animal.
Life is unforgiving sometimes huh
I'm glad you noticed about Ghostfoot looking back, I wasn't sure if people would really pick up on that but I wanted to show the difference between this time, and her reaction to killing the goblins last time
I noticed she looked back, just didn't point it out. I don't know what her elven traditions would say about the dead, but if burial is part of it, I wouldn't be surprised if she suggested it. How one treats the dead, even fallen enemies, is an indication of character. Ghostfoot seems to be the type of person to respect the dead simply because she values life a lot more than the average person. Hopefully adventuring doesn't harden her heart.
Happy you noticed!

Those are interesting thoughts. I don’t think that crossed our minds at all, but it’s something to consider for the future!
some other traveler is going to come along and wonder why there's a bunch of random vines in that spot
It's all fun and games until you're an accessory to murder.
I dunno, I think he's mostly ok with murder!