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Wagon Loot
22nd May 2023, 2:24 PM in The Great Hawkes Valley
Wagon Loot
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Author Notes:
which of the bandits do you think it belonged to

" guys hiring?"
greetings, fellow adventurers
Let O'Ban be sexy in that white fur coat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sexy 101 dalmation coat
conflicting styles 😭
bones and spots clash according to fashion week :(
I don't know who it belonged to, but I agree that it would like nice on O'Ban. Too bad he's already making that bone armor. Or who knows? Maybe he can make the bone armor out of that coat! But probably not. Good to see Ghostfoot's treating herself there.
I think it belonged to the one with the eye patch!
Who would think simply crossing a bridge would give loads of loot.
easily worth the entrance fee
In which we learn that Hawke was the mastermind all along and his henchman, as usual, mucked it all up.

Vote of confidence that Ghostfoot checks the former prisoner for signs of life before they leave. :)
ehhhhh welllllll... I don't think she saw the prisoner at all, you know? She was quite distracted. Hawkes probably is the mastermind though, he definitely seems to be the smartest. He is also the only one who managed to cause injury.

well, aside from the guy who killed his own captive
That's a good point, I don't know that she would have been able to see the activity from her spot on the ground and she probably isn't keeping very close track of Hawkes at the moment.
I love how O’Bann just immediately gives up on his beautiful fur coat idea lol
fur is not as cool as bones, easy choice
I also love them robbing this punk kid
haha, I think you might like the next page!
Im dreaming of the potion maker waking up and tying him up in his little net shirt while Ghostfoot uses him for thornwhip practice…. Probably not tho
i think the bison belonged to the kid.
Everything belongs to him in his opinion
Nice of Oban to fold it back up
yeah I probably would have just thrown it on the bed, and then moved it to the computer chair when I wanted to sleep, and then moved it back to the bed in the morning