Adventure Club
14th Nov 2022, 3:07 PM in The Great Hawkes Valley
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Awww, I like this little writing scene here. We get to see Ghostfoot writing for a moment about her father, it seems. I especially like the lighting you have on her in that last panel there. That angle she's drawn at is just really cool in general.

Yeah, she has met some nice people! And they're going to go on amazing adventures! As a club!
She has met some not terrible folks, yeah!

You're right, she's referencing her father. Thanks about the last panel, it's been mentioned by a few different people. An unexpected success
I’m in love with her little paw-boots, and the landscape in the first panel.
Thank you!! Everyone likes her boots, we should market them
first panel. last panel.
Haha. What. No middle panel love, steak! I guess it's a bit bland.
middle panel is humble and knows its good already. without it, the page would be overachieving, like 'gosh page, stop showing off.'
I like that panel too, but I don’t get how you did it. Are you working watercolor on paper and then inking and scanning it? But the white in panel two is too bright to be paper …
it's just some textures I have over every page, there's actually 3 of them, it's like:


Very cool! It’s a subtle effect. So papery!
I'm really loving the scenery in the first panel and the colors on this page! A lot of yellows and soft blues; gives me this cozy, sentimental vibe. I also like how so far into this chapter, we haven't got a clear view of anyone's face yet. Lends to this sense of moving forward and away
thank youuuu!!! I enjoyed drawing the first panel especially. That's a nice vibe to get from this. Someone else called it cozy not too long ago, too. It's kind of nice to think of!

I was interested in the moving forward comment, it wasn't a conscious decision to not show faces, but maybe my subconscious understood whatever you understand... >.> yup
I love colours on the first panel panel much
thank you!! You know, you might recognize this since you play wow, but it's inspired by Westfall a bit.