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Love Ghostfoot
21st Nov 2022, 5:10 PM in The Great Hawkes Valley
Love Ghostfoot
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Really nice sequence with Ghostfoot finishing the letter and throwing it into the fire. Feels appropriate and makes sense given the circumstances. You also did a great job on the fire too!

Meanwhile, O'ban's messin' with some bones and Isaac's lookin'. Really great page!
oh I forgot it's Monday!

Fire is fun, and yep, O'Ban has his bones. Isaac is indeed looking. TY jm
So... does this mean she's a ghostwriter?
yes, it means exactly that
!! That fire is so pretty woah :O

Is this a "burn the letter to send it off to the next world" kinda thing?
thank you! I guess, kinda, in a way. Probably more of a 'this letter is undeliverable and I have nothing else to do with it' kinda way, though.
Screaming and crying.That’s so sweet and sad and my heart can’t take it! So many feelings, poor Ghostfoot.
oops, sorry, I missed responding to this!!! Yeah I guess it's pretty sad. Haha I was just using it as a narrative device :(
It is a good narrative device. I think it both tells the story of what’s happening but also shows how thoughtful Ghostfoot is
This is nice. Even if it’s not like a spell or a folksy way of communing with the dead, just a grieving mechanism. When my Best Ever in the World cat Sassy died I filled a little notebook with basically notes to her until I came to my senses again. Something about that cat. But anyway it helped. Ghostfoot is still grieving maybe.
Thank you!! I'm sorry you lost your cat. I was thinking about telling you about my best ever dog, then I realized today is the anniversary of his death! Dec 3, 2012. That was not a good time, it took me like 8 months to stop thinking about him nonstop.
December 9th for us! I always have a couple snoots to her memory.
And Isaac better watch how close he gets that peg to the fire…
oh no worries, he is very fire conscientious

Anyways sorry this took so long for a response, your comments and someone else's, somehow I completely lost track of them
I know, Isaac's pretty adorable right
The fire is so beautiful! I love how silent this moment is. A letter to someone, that can be delivered to no one. I wonder what Isaac is thinking about too. Is he thinking about his own family, and the day he lost them?
Haha, you know, when we were talking about this page, and Isaac gazing at the fire, I told maice "cactusaurus is gonna get it, others might not realize why he's gazing at the fire"
Me sitting down to relax and read comics: image

That's pretty funny though!
it's rough, man, to lose a parent