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I Stole This
23rd Jan 2023, 4:07 PM in The Great Hawkes Valley
I Stole This
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Author Notes:
We've been sitting in this spot FOREVER

I can't believe Isaac casually murdered that poor defenseless campfire :(

In all seriousness, I like when stories allow focus on quiet, reflective moments and smaller, simpler actions like this. It lets you immersive yourself more in the character's life and makes them feel more part of a world as opposed to just part of a plot, if that makes sense
he has a beef with campfires :(

I like those moments too! Although I worry a little they aren't good for weekly updates. But I guess that only matters for the present time, soon enough it will be part of a binge. Anyway yes, making total sense. This was a really nice comment!
He sure did stole that. But it’s okay, because it does really cool stuff like see ghostly dead people. Glad to see Isaac is getting himself some sleep.
It's a handy mask, he can hardly be blamed for stealing it. Also it was technically his already anyway on account of it being a bird mask, with him being a bird. Oh yeah, nobody is keeping watch. What could go wrong?

dear mom

we live here now

I know, I know! Only one more page and then they'll move on!
Wakes up freezing. Hey who turned the heater off!
hahaha... .. >.>

no comment
I aspire to draw pages with so much cool atmosphere like this
Oh I think your atmospheres are very good!
Review: The dialog was weak to nonexistent, but the art spoke for itself.
haha, thank you! We tried our best on the dialogue.