Adventure Club
Chapter 1
6th Nov 2018, 6:03 PM in The Goblin Lair
Chapter 1
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hi hi don't judge your atemps too hard the dialog must not be perfect in real life we stumble all the time I liked your try keep going.
Yay! We've been waiting to meet the boss for quite a while!
Aw, look at our little trio of adventurers here. They’re ready!
Oh jm here I am at work being sneaky on my phone and you just made my day. Now I keep smiling crazily at the customers but they're smiling back so there's that.

Hehe. Thanks so much bud it might be a few hrs before I can respond!
It’s all good! I’m at work too. I just started reading through today.
Nice, hope you have/had a great day. Look at us playing on our phones at work, shhhh... x) As for me, I don't think I ever want to work on St Patricks day again. Does everyone have this day off or what! Nobody in my town has anywhere better to be!
oh boy oh boy guess what time it is; it's reread Adventure Club time

I have always liked how you draw faces
Oh really!? What brought that on! I'll be interested to know how it flows now that I'm a lot further along.

I'm going to have to draw a bunch of Obans old panels again cause he looks so different now. Maybe 2 or 3 of Isaac's also
I saw the new page in the new page thread w/O'Ban relatably hiding behind a tree and a mood just took me!! :-D There's no better place to catch up from than the beginning ♫
Ah! Kyo also said that was relatable. It makes me so happy people are relating to hiding when you see someone you know in public!!! Haha
My friendly cool apartment neighbors hang out in the alleyway behind my building sometimes, so of course I take the front door often just to avoid having to have An Interaction :-B very O'Ban of me
I do something similar. If I see my neighbors are outside when I pull in my driveway I kind of shut my car door as quietly as possible once I'm out so they don't hear it and try to greet me. And it's not like we hang out, they'll just say hi and nothing more and yet for some reason I avoid it! They are pleasant enough, I'm the grump here.